Madame Adassa is a luxury female clothing brand located in Los Angeles, California. The brand, founded by Jamaican born Marsha Vacirca promotes confidence and beauty through the art of fashion. 


"A woman should feel elegant, empowered, strong and fierce when dressed in a Madame Adassa piece."


We believe that fashion and style go beyond the physical clothing. They help to tell our authentic story. Whether rooted in culture or driven by societal influences, a Madame Adassa piece sends a message of the woman. She is vulnerable as she is passionate. She is rooted yet adaptive. She is bold yet gracefully confident. These qualities are woven into every stitch that we make, woven into every single piece of garment. 


Comfort must not elude luxury. We've perfected our silhouettes to mimic that of an actual human body. Our designs are practical yet glamorous. We stand firm in our structure and quality; from choosing the finest of fabrics to selecting the perfect trimmings, attention to details is a must. Nothing leaves our atelier without passing the eyes of the designer. From conception to birth, every single aspect is inspected.  



Yolondo Ross

The Chi


Marianna Palka


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Alysia Reiner 
Orange Is The New Black 


Alana Arenas

David Makes Man

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Rebekka Johnson



Tasha V Simpson

The Oval


Travis Coles

David Makes Man


"A woman should feel elegant, empowered, strong and fierce when dressed in a Madame Adassa piece."


The Jamaican born designer pays homage to her grandmother with fashion label 'Madame Adassa'.

Fashion has long been a part of my life. As a child, I would watch my grandmother fashioned me dresses with frills, beads and fancy glass buttons that would eventually become the very basis of my designs. When I was 10 years old, my mother opened up her first design studio and by age 13, I became her understudy. 

In 2018, armed with a my new vision to carry on my family’s gift, Madame Adassa was born; a collection of vibrant, exotic, glamorous with a tad of risqué. A collection that exude everything that represents my culture.


I am so extremely proud of who I am and all that my ancestors were. I am proud of my cultural influences. I am grateful to have been born in a country that allowed me to have the childhood memories I hold close to my heart. I am proud to share with the world my original inspiration- the woman who bore the fighter that is my mother, with a heart that was a kind as it was forgiving, my source: Erica Adassa."