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Our Commitment

Comfort must not elude luxury. We've perfected our silhouettes to mimic that of an actual human body. Our designs are practical yet glamorous. We stand firm in our structure and quality; from choosing the finest of fabrics to selecting the perfect trimmings, attention to details is a must. Nothing leaves our atelier without passing the eyes of the designer. From conception to birth, every single aspect is inspected.  

Our Philosophy

We believe that being fashionable is as intrinsic as breathing. It is who we are. Madame Adassa was created to echo the message of the fashionable woman. She is not a trend. Her impact is ever-lasting. She is vulnerable as she is passionate. She is rooted, yet adaptive. She is bold and gracefully confident. She is the fresh breath that walks into a crowded room. These qualities are woven into every stitch that we make, woven into every single piece of garment. 


Because we are all beautiful in the skin we're in! Madame Adassa celebrates our unique individuality. A brand by woman, for women! We are naturally conscious of all body types. For this reason we are size inclusive! Whether you are a size 0 or a size 22, we've got you covered. Literally!

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