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Introduction to Madame Adassa's World


We don't always get to interact with our customers and so in an effort to narrow that gap, we've created this page as a way to not only connect with you but to give an insight into who we are as a brand, what we hope to achieve as a brand, what drives, motivates and inspires us. We hope to create a honest place where we can discuss all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

We are a female's clothing brand, owned and operated by women. Founded by a woman whose true inspiration came from the hard working and sacrificial women in her family. Nothing about developing and launching a clothing brand is easy. Nothing is as glamorous as it seems. The business is brutal, costly and requires a kind of sacrifice that can only be intrinsic. There are sleepless nights, tearful and doubtful moments, yet there is an over-whelming love and passion for the art that despite the sacrifices, deems itself worthy. Worthy of time, patience and total surrender. One has to totally surrender themselves to the process of creativity; expect nothing but continually share a piece of yourself with each creative output. That is the true make up of original and honest art.

Meet our Founder: Marsha Vacirca

I grew up in a culture surrounded by music, history and fashion. As a young girl, while my friends held summer jobs in various businesses, I was permitted only to work in my mother's atelier. My household was strict, structured and ruled by my nearly five foot no non-sense mother.

In her atelier - the first of its kind in my hometown, I learned the art of sewing and design. I developed a vast knowledge in the world of textile, fabric manipulation fabric aging and dyeing. By age 16 I became the director for my mother's operation, managing every aspect of the business- from designing to finance management. My mother was pretty much famous in our small, but bustling beach town. She specialized in custom-made bridal wear, women sports wear and of course everyday wear. The who's who frequented the atelier that bore our names ValMar's ("Val" for Valerie and "Mar" for Marsha). My mother's dream was to leave a legacy behind for her daughter while keeping her young teen-age daughter focused. I learned the art of free hand cutting and developed a love for the draping technique that I most frequently use today in my designs. But fashion was tough and I soon find myself fighting the idea of pursuing the art as a career. I decided against it.

Eventually after relocating to the US, I decided to attend college, ultimately earning a master’s degree in business. Soon after graduation I was offered a position with Starwood hotels that soon prepared me for several leadership roles in varied types of organizations. From hospitality to higher education administration. From finance to logistics and supply chain, I garnered the skills I would need for my executive dream job. I finally landed an executive role in an international company but find myself pining after my lost love; fashion.

In 2016, after much nudging from my mother I began to put plans in place to launch my fashion brand. In 2017 with a minuscule budget, I presented my first solo runway collection; Presenting Madame Adassa. It was a success and the proof I needed that I was on the right track. The show was an ode to my grandmother who was the first in the family to fashion hand-made garments. It was a celebration of my single mother who worked tirelessly to provide for my needs and education. After the warm welcome-back to fashion, I opened my first showroom and atelier in Tampa, Fl. Later in 2020, I relocated to brand to Los Angeles, CA.

About The Brand:

Madame Adassa is a luxury brand specializing in women’s wear. Madame Adassa’s goal is to tell a woman’s story; to promote confidence and beauty through the art of fashion while evoking the natural sensuality that every woman possess. A celebration of women, of their strength and grace, their struggles to overcome adversity, their passion to care for their families. It's a celebration of sisterhood, a celebration of the women that led the charge, the women who have lifted us up on their shoulders so that we may dare to dream.

What to expect:

In our upcoming bi-monthly blog posts, we hope to share so much of who we are with you. We encourage you to participate by leaving us your comments. Let us know your thoughts and topics of interest. Meet us here again soon!


Madame Adassa

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